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  • What a great morning! Thank you so much!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    – School Administrator
  • We had a chance to talk to many people during the week, and we heard over and over again that you are a great person for us to be working with. Thanks again!
    –School Administrator
  • The Artful Thinking session was amazing--everything I look for in professional development. I walked away from the session with 3-4 concrete practices I can use in my classroom that are new, innovative, and exciting. This session re-energized me to plan engaging visual activities into my reading lessons to engage my students on a multisensory level and to develop them as critical thinkers. I think this development opportunity could benefit teachers of ALL contents, and should be offered again in the future.
  • I was in your session this past Monday, and I wanted to let you know that I tried out See/Think/Wonder in my class yesterday to introduce our new book and it went SO WELL. The kids were engaged, interested, and so creative. Once we finished, I asked them how the process was for them, and they all said they enjoyed it and that it helped them see more things about the image than they originally saw. They all said they’d like to do the activity again in the future! Thanks so much for leading the session.

University Courses:

  • This class was extremely eye opening.

  • Sara was a great instructor. Very enthusiastic and motivating. Started meaningful discussions and taught me to be mindful. Very inspiring!

  • This class completely changed the way I look at both art and teaching. It has been my favorite class so far!

  • Mrs. Hiris is a wonderful instructor-she is thoughtful and encourages perspectives on many different levels. She is open minded and teaches the value of being open-minded, having a perspective, and positive approach. To question, wonder and explore—life lessons beyond the classroom. She also had a lot of valuable material/resources for us to utilize.  +1.617.794.2117
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