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Mindful. Artful. Personal. 


styling for spaces:

  • My small home is a sanctuary from my stressful work life. I noticed that it was feeling cramped and the energy of the house felt stuck. Working with Sara was wonderful. She listened to my needs and was kind and clear in her approach. My home feels so much better and so do I!
    Kristen, Consultant
  • Working with Sara was a huge relief after months of feeling illiterate in the world of interior design.  I had some right ideas, a few nice pieces of furniture and a multitude of pinterest ideals but just couldn’t synthesize them into a cohesive, comfortable living space.   Sara walked into my house and immediately saw the potential.  She was hands on and helped me rearrange furniture to see how a small change could completely alter the feel of the room.  She toured my house and found ways I could incorporate pieces I owned in different ways around the house.  She emphasized the importance of using what you already own, which was a huge relief on my tight budget. 

    Afterwards, she sent me a detailed email helping me prioritize my projects as well as ideas for possible pieces to further help improve the space.  She provided a clear framework to work within, which continues to help me months after her visit. 
    Thanks Sara!
    -A.D. Medical Doctor  +1.617.794.2117
Based in Denver, CO. Offering services in-person and via Skype. 
Personal Stylist, Yoga Teacher, Lecturer & Speaker
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