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  • I have had two sessions with Sara of Hiris & Co so far, and both have been profoundly transformative and empowering. The first session was a personal style consultation where she helped breathe inspiration into my current wardrobe. After the first session, I felt like I had a renewed perspective on my wardrobe, it was as if I had a closet full of new clothes and shoes! Sara’s gentle yet powerful approach helped inspire me to piece outfits together on my own and I felt thrilled to do so, because everything appeared new to me! I felt I had the ability to match and accessorize my wardrobe in new and unexpected ways and I began to think outside the same old formula I used for so many years in my manner of dress. She specifically helped me to style a few new looks for a photo shoot for my website, which I am really excited about! 

    The second session was after I moved into a new apartment and had purchased a larger closet to keep all my clothing and shoes. She carefully helped me arrange my wardrobe in a way that continued to inspire and bring enjoyment to getting dressed every day. Her knowledge of Feng Shui really helped me to optimally organize my belongings so that I could see and feel my clothing, shoes and accessories clearly, which is so helpful when it comes to inspiration for new outfits. And most impressive of all, she conducted both our first and second session flawlessly, via Skype. 

    I also loved the feature of stexting in between sessions. I was able to stext her while out shopping so that I may have a second eye on my potential outfits. I was so impressed that she carefully kept track of my pieces that I already have and how new pieces may fit in. It was like having a brand new fashion brain! 

    Sara of Hiris & Co. is artful, inspiring, and truly unique in her approach. You can clearly see that while she is very gifted at this, she also really loves what she does and wants her clients to feel comfortable and stylish, and to be the best version of themselves. I plan to continue education and consultation with her for years to come! 
    -Priya Ahuja, Acupuncturist in NYC, Priya Wellness NYC

  • After working with Sara, I feel confident and happy in my core. 
    -Kaye, Massage & Craniosacral Therapist in Hawaii
  • Sara provides such an invaluable resource for us busy folk who want to look and feel our best, but rarely have the time (or energy) to put towards it.  I hired Sara to create some outfits for a branding photo shoot for my website, the experience was so much fun and the value extended way beyond my marketing goals.  While the outfits were created for the photo shoot, I started selecting from the dozens of documented options she created as a guide each day. I’m a mother of two young children and run my own business, the last thing I have time for each morning is finding something stylish to wear.  Now I leave the house feeling confident and effortlessly put together, without the stress of staring into the dark closet asking, “Ahh, What do I wear?!”

    Sara truly has the gift of effortless style, she is thoughtful, sensitive, supportive, and intuitively knows your style better than yourself.  She picked out some items from my closet that I would have never thought to combine, but when I put them on I was grinning ear to ear.  Everything I tried on was so authentically me!   She breathed fresh air into my stale wardrobe without buying a single new item.  Sara did such an incredible job on my wardrobe, that I’m having her back to do the same thing with my house.  I cannot recommend how incredible (and fun) the experience was working with her, I only wished I’d hired her sooner!
    -Kirsten Coe, Architect & Designer in Denver, Co, LassoDesign

  • Check out all of your incredible outfits, Sara!!! I am SO happy with how all the photos turned out. The style consulting I did with you was a complete game changer. I couldn't be more thrilled! 
    -Josie Bouchier L.Ac.

  • Working with Sara helped me learn how to enjoy pairing my shoes and my accessories in interesting new combinations. She helped me discover which clothing I feel amazing in and how to combine different items I already have to create outfits that are fun, creative, interesting, stylish and, most importantly, reflective of the many facets of who I am. Through these new combinations, all of a sudden I have 100 new outfits. Really I had all of those clothes all along, I just didn’t know how to combine them in so many different ways. She even taught me how to wear my scarves in new and interesting ways and convinced me to pull back out my beloved cowgirl boots and start wearing them again. Just these two tips have been huge, but they are just the tip of the iceberg! 

    Now getting dressed feels like I am making art. I feel so much more confident and relaxed in being me as I go to work or even walk around town. People often give me compliments on my clothing, and I can tell that people see me more. It delights me that my clothing is now a creative expression that helps the world see me for who I really am in all my love, creativity, power, and joy. I feel so much more like me.
    -Lucy Flood,  Writer & Solopreneur in Berkeley, CA Read Lucy's blogpost about her personal style journey.
  • I turned 40 and really needed a boost of energy for myself and my wardrobe, but couldn't bear the thought of clothes shopping. Sara at Hiris & Co suggested she come along to the store and pick out clothes for me to try on. She shopped for clothes while I looked at shoes. At first, I was very hesitant because I thought she would never find clothes that fit me or looked good on my body type. Well, I was wrong! We went to the dressing room with a cart full of options. She was on-hand to give encouraging and thoughtful feedback, and I left with several new pieces to complement and expand my existing wardrobe. Several pieces of clothing were ones that I would have never chosen if I went shopping alone. She helped to expand my idea of what looks good and it was so much less painful than trying to shop on my own. Armed with clothing that makes me feel comfortable and fabulous, I'm ready for my forties. Bring it on! 
    -L., Designer and Consultant based in Albuquerque, NM

  • Sara has been my go-to style advisor for special occasions, family photo shoots and business photo shoots. In her hands, I can relax because I know I'll look uniquely stylish and current. When I scheduled a photo shoot to re-brand my business, I wanted a fresh, inviting, healthy vibe.She worked with me to choose three complete outfits for my photo shoot, and the pictures turned out perfectly in line with what I envisioned. Years later, the photos are a major part of my branding and online presence, and I still get compliments on them. I attribute their cohesiveness and positive energy to Sara's on-point styling advice. Whenever I have an important event coming up, I never hesitate to text her and she always knows the exact right thing for me to wear. Working with Sara feels like having a cheerleader on my team who supports me in showing up to my life and business as the best version of myself. Her knowledge and support is invaluable!
    -Josie Bouchier L.Ac.

  • When I  was preparing for a wedding in Berlin, Germany, I reached out to HIRIS & CO because of Sara's knowledge and appreciation of the culture.Sara was spot-on with her selection of the layered and interchangeable outfits for travel, wedding pre parties and the wedding day dress. I received many compliments on my attire - which many thought I had purchased upon arrival in Germany.
    THANK YOU, Sara.

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