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Mindful. Artful. Personal. 


Spaces affect our well-being and daily outlook. We create memories and spend intimate moments in our spaces. They are where we go for retreat and comfort, and where we work and create. When we wake up, our eyes are first met by our rooms and the objects in them. At night, they are the last images we see. We go to sleep and wake up with the energy of our spaces. 

Hiris & Co helps you create spaces that invite you to take a deep breath, settle in, admire the beauty around you, and fully connect with yourself, your life, your family and friends, and your work.

Give the Gift of Serenity & Style! Personalized Gift Certificates Available!

Style is Personal. All offerings may be customized. Contact us to determine a personalized approach for you. 


  • REARRANGING & CURATING Consultation and close examination of your rooms and objects. Includes hands-on rearranging, organizing, and curating. Your space will reflect you and your personality and have a sense of balance and intentional design.
    $85/hour or $225 for 3 hours

  • STYLING & STAGING FOR SELLING We can help you sell your space by ensuring it looks its best for buyers.
    $85/hour or $225 for 3 hours

  • PHOTO SESSIONS We can style you and your space so you get the most out of your personal and professional photos. 
    $85/hour or $225 for 3 hours

  • SPECIAL EVENTS Hiris & Co will style and curate your space for parties and special events. We rearrange furniture, decorate tables, use what you have in new ways, and more. You'll be able to fully enjoy your event, knowing it looks the way you hoped.
    $85/hour or $225 for 3 hours

  • DEEP INTO SPACE, HIRIS & CO'S SIGNATURE CONSULT: An in-depth, in-person consultation with you, your space, and your life and style goals. Offered in-person and via Skype. Deep Into Space includes:
    • Getting to know you, your daily life and work, how you hope to use the space and feel while you are in it, and the challenges and obstacles you see in creating the space you desire, in a genuine and holistic way. We do this by asking you to complete a thoughtful series of reflective questions and exercises before we meet, and then continuing the discussion in-person.
    • Beginning your session with a short and focused meditation in the space, setting a personalized intention or goal for our work together. This exercise helps us to stay focused and to create the energy you wish to feel while in the space.
    • Closely examining the room and the current objects in it. Rearranging, organizing and curating what you already have to create the type of space and feel you desire. Hiris & Co believes in using what you have in new and creative ways before jumping to purchasing. This session is 2-3 hours. 
    • Follow-up includes:
      • A personalized and private Pinterest board of furniture and decor chosen just for you, keeping your style goals and budget in mind. 
      • A comprehensive follow-up report, which includes:
        • a summary of our work together, including your intention, along with any insights and highlights. You'll forever have a reference of what we created, realized, and discussed!
        • a sketch and/or photos of the space with items placed and curated so that you have a visual reference. 
        • personalized and specific suggestions, including priority items, priority projects, links, stores, and websites.
        • mindful and artful practices for maintaining your space so that it continues to look and feel the way you desire and remains uncluttered, organized, and inspiring. 
      • A one hour follow-up session to address any updates, changes, & questions.
      • month free Stexting ($75 value)! (Scroll below to learn about Stexting!)
        $725 for the first room. $625 for each additional room.

  • Á LA CARTE Interested in just parts of the above offerings, additional hours to packages, or just a few hours of styling and support?
    $85/hour or $225 for 3 hours

  • STEXTING (AKA Style Texting). Do you wish you had a trusted, objective someone you could text (or email) pictures of furniture and decor for quick and honest feedback? Hiris&Co is that someone. We offer Stexting on a monthly retainer basis. Retainer includes Hiris & Co always having you in mind...meaning when we see something that is perfect for you, we'll immediately let you know. 

  • DISTANCE CONSULTS Our approach feels personal, meaningful, and useful even from afar. All offerings may be tailored for distance consults using Skype, Stexting, emailing, photos, and Pinterest. 


  • Our spaces and what we have in them are personal--they tell our stories. When we have someone looking at our rooms and stuff, it can feel invasive or trigger feelings of discomfort and vulnerability. Hiris & Co respects these feelings, and we are honored to go on this journey with you. We set the intention for us to be open-minded, honest, courageous, and flexible collaborators...and for us to laugh, play, and have fun!

  • Hiris & Co is committed to donating 1% of all transactions to Women for Women International, an organization that supports marginalized women in war and conflict zones. 

  • Photography by Lisa Rundall Photography and Hiris & Co.  +1.617.794.2117
Based in Denver, CO. Offering services in-person and via Skype. 
Personal Stylist, Yoga Teacher, Lecturer & Speaker
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