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Hiris & Co's Mindful Living & Artful Style Blog: An Introduction

Welcome to Hiris & Co's Blog, Mindful Living & Artful Style! Hiris & Co supports individuals and groups in their empowerment, life transitions, creativity, work and well-being. We offer mindful, artful & personal style support for you, as well as courses for integrating mindful and creative thinking into your life and work.

This blog offers insightful and useful information for mindful living and working, creativity, thinking and learning, personal growth, empowerment, well-being, and of course, style and design.

In addition, we will regularly have blogposts about women and life transitions (identity-wise, career-wise, body-wise, style-wise, spirit-wise, etc.) connected to Hiris & Co's podcast, Women: What's Now, What's Next. 

PERSONAL STYLE: As you probably have noticed, the way we feel in our clothes affects how we feel throughout the day. The way we feel while walking around in the world affects our posture, body language, confidence, outlook, energy levels, interactions, thoughts, sense of self, and productivity. Plus, most of us begin our days by getting dressed. Hiris & Co wants to make the start of your day as creative, fun and empowering as possible, so that positive energy ripples throughout your day and ripples throughout your being and thoughts. 

COURSES: Sara Webb Hiris, EdM has been actively teaching, exploring, and experimenting with Mindful & Artful Thinking for over seven years. Workshops and courses may be tailored for:

  • Individuals
  • Groups (i.e. families, parent groups, community groups) 
  • Teachers & Schools
  • Organizations & Businesses

ARTFUL THINKING offers a framework for practicing mindfulness in multiple settings (i.e. home, work, classroom, communities). AT was developed alongside teachers by Project Zero. Its original purposes were to integrate art into the classroom and use art as a springboard for cultivating habits of mind. However, it may be used to study any concept, to personally reflect on your life, work and habits, to facilitate respectful and productive brainstorming...the possibilities are endless! 

AT's thinking routines cultivate such habits as: observing, questioning, taking multiple perspectives, and more. For example, the thinking routine, SEE THINK WONDER, asks: What do you SEE? What do you THINK about what you see? What do you WONDER or want to know more about? These three questions, seemingly so simple, can lead to exciting and clarifying discoveries in your life and work. These three questions are at the heart of mindfulness, which is the practice of being truly present, of observing, listening and feeling with open and non-judgmental curiosity and wonder. (The routine could be amended to SEE/FEEL/LISTEN/SMELL THINK WONDER.) Mindfulness  is the practice of noticing your breath, of giving attention to the physical and emotional sensations you feel, such as when you are walking or washing the dishes. It is the practice of seeing spaciousness, wonder, and potential, instead of barriers and problems. 

I invite you now to adjust your posture so that you sitting in a comfortable upright position. Relax your neck, jaw and shoulders. Close your eyes and begin to observe your breath. Become curious about your breath and the sensations you notice in your body. Observe, Listen, Feel. Happy Wonderings. 

To Mindful Living & Artful Style, 

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